June 17, 2020 – Accommodation preparations

As everyone is probably aware the COVID-19 pandemic has altered education for many years into the foreseeable future. Disability Services Offices (DS) are confronting a myriad of complex educational needs for disabled students. A suggestion is a disabled student make preparations now for Fall semester in determining their impairments, and how those impairments affect their education.

DS counselors will be determining eligibility for academic accommodations as the start of the semester draws closer to beginning. They will be asking for verification of a disability in ascertaining the need for a disability. Disabled students need to begin to determine how they will demonstrate their disability and how it affects their education. Waiting “until the last minute” a disabled student may find themselves to verify a disability before the start of the semester. Determining a course of action now could alleviate a stressful situation at the beginning of school.

We will discuss various methods of documenting an impairment. Now, though, begin to explore services that can assist you in the documentation process.

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