June 15, 2020 – Journals

As disabled students prepare to either return to the postsecondary campus following the COVID-19, or entering a postsecondary school for the first time, the recommendation is to start a real-time journal. Colleges and universities will be encountering unexpected and new directions as a result of the pandemic. Most will be in uncharted water. It is imperative that a student keep detailed information of what is transpiring during their postsecondary experiences. New accommodations will be decided. Campus life will be transformed. Both the disabled student and the institution will be endeavoring to meet everyone’s needs. A disabled student should be able to articulate their experiences, both positive and negative. Disputes will arise. A daily real time journal allows the disabled student to discuss, with detail, their needs and wants, so timely, correct decisions can be made. The suggestion is set the journal close at hand, and make continuous entries throughout each day of their campus adventures.

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