Jane Jarrow’s Ableist Hate Speech Towards ESA

The Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) allowed Jane Jarrow to publish one of the ableist, hateful, spiteful pieces I have read for a long time. Ms. Jarrow berates disabled college students for bringing Emotional Support Animals (ESA) to campuses. She infers that such students are frauds and their activities stopped by any means possible. Ms. Jarrow calls for all disability services counselors on college campuses to demand a ban on ESA coming to campus this Fall. Ms. Jarrow exhorts campus disability services officers to notify Residential Life officials on their campuses not to allow ESA into their dorms.

            Sadly, AHEAD allows Ms. Jarrow unfettered access to the AHEAD members’ listserv. The listserv has over 4,600 members with daily nationwide dissemination of its content. I have made a complaint to:

               Stephan Smith, Executive Director of AHEAD, stephan@ahead.org, and Katy.Washington, President of AHEAD, katy.washington@unt.edu

I am awaiting notice of the result of that complaint.

            Ms. Jarrow has a business, Disability Access Info, and Support (DAIS). The firm provides “training” for college disability services counselors regarding ESA. Basically, it is “a bunch of emails” disparaging ESA and how to find ways to keep them off postsecondary campuses. Yet, AHEAD allows Ms. Jarrow to promote her businesses using AHEAD listservs and other AHEAD accommodations for communication.

            Now would be a good time to email Ms. Washington and Mr. Smith your concerns about Ms. Jarrow’s hateful activities.

Below is a link to Ms. Jarrow’s nefarious post.

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