green sign up above head level - student disability services white letters - white stucco corridor leading to brown doors with glass in center

Do Not Hesitate to Claim Disability Identity

I just finished attending a virtual conference with the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). The people of the group have so impressed me with their commitment to ensuring all disabled persons on the postsecondary campus receive a socially equitable and a social justice experience. At the same time, they are a member of the college environment. The membership consists of persons heavily involved in delivering disability services to disabled members of their community.

            The message that was consistently heard by myself was if a disabled person does not contact the Disability Services Office to request accommodations for a disability, those disabled persons have a much more difficult experience “catching up” should they encounter difficulties on the campus. All disabled persons are encouraged to seek out the disability services office upon arrival at the postsecondary school (before entry would be ideal) and maintain ongoing communication with that office. Such action can reduce a significant amount of angst as time progresses.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
CEO, Daniel Jonathan Fuller Memorial Fund

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