June 23 – Report Discrimination Immediately

A task that can be completed by a disabled student before arriving on a college campus is to determine who the Title II coordinator is at the school. In the process, the disabled student needs to know how to contact the Title II person, and, if necessary, file a discrimination complaint. The Title II coordinator may have other titles. Still, there should be a person to report an incident of discrimination a disabled student may encounter while attending a school. Knowing the identity of the person responsible for disability discrimination before experiencing a discriminatory act can alleviate heartache and frustration plus overcome lag time in facilitating filing a complaint. Also, knowing how to communicate with the Title II coordinator person is essential, especially if a disabled student is on a large campus. Emails can become lost, and confusion can occur when reporting a discrimination act. So, be prepared before arriving on campus to proceed in filing a report if discrimination occurs.

  If an unfortunate episode does occur, REPORT IT. Please do not hesitate. No matter how small an incident, it should not be ignored. As we are aware many acts of discrimination are classified as microaggressions. Little actions and remarks that seem trivial, but drive home ableism by an ableist. Those situations need to be corrected immediately. Bullies and ableists do, unfortunately, exist within the postsecondary environment. They include faculty, staff, and students. Allowing the “constant drip” of snide remarks and actions can take their toll on a disabled person. Reckoning with the attempted intimidation will signal that the disabled student is a viable entity on the campus.

Please do contact us if you have a question.

George Fuller, MPA, MA
CEO, Daniel Jonathan Fuller Memorial Fund

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